Monday, April 22, 2013

Help the @BlindCatRescue See A Future Without Spending A Dime

Today I'm going to have to edit myself a bit- I'm on my way out to visit my mother's family, and the cemetery; as it is the anniversary of my beloved grandmother's passing. This week in general tends to be hectic, as it is also Jay's birthday, 7 days shy of my oral surgery, and the anniversary of his own father's passing. Instead of writing a dreary reflective post I thought I'd try to pass on some of the spirit of the woman I will be honoring today and share a very simple request to help support an amazing cause. You see, growing up, I always loved my grandma Pony's house the best, for it was always filled with the kindest wayward animals. From the blind dove that still lives there today to the numerous homeless cats and spoiled dogs. Much like the people that passed through her life, she could not turn away an animal in need. Growing up my own home reflected this.
I've shared tales of how Momma would suddenly show up at my school with a homely looking cat in a carrier. Unfortunately, many of them ended up being ill beyond healing, but all enjoyed their time full of love and with full bellies. Some of our readers may or may not know that our own feral adoptee, Frankie, has Feline herpes; a lifetime immune deficiency that causes awful outbreaks much like a bad case of the human flu. In addition, he has special requirements behaviorally, which often see him self soothing (grooming) for hours on end and can make tasks as essential as digesting food near impossible. Ensuring Frankie keep his weight up, and managing the natural messes of a chronically sneezing cat, is quite the job- but Frankie deserves a happy home just like any other.
That is why, today, I am dedicating an entire post to the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in St. Pauls, NC. I have never been there, nor do I have a personal story of how they have have impacted any animals in my life, directly. However, I do feel I have become a part of their family through their adorable channel on Ustream, which live streams footage from their shelter rooms from 8:30 AM EST to 7 PM EST. Go on, click on over, you know you want to! This footage not only serves as a daily dose of adorable and magically captivating whimsy, but a place where those who donate can watch their parcels unboxed live. That's right, you can send items from the organization's Amazon wishlist and see as they are unboxed, put to immediate use, and watch as the cats enjoy and interact with them. Now, the Blind Cat Rescue houses, as a forever home, 100 cats; not all being blind. However, each and every cat has a unique story, is up for direct sponsorship, and requires a permanent loving home and full time care.
Started by a kindhearted woman, named Alana, in 2005; the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary saves cats that would otherwise be put down at shelters. They nurse cats with lifetime illness' and disabilities, as well as provide plenty of attention and a loving home; all non-for-profit. If you are a cat lover, or simply a humanitarian, it's hard not to spend just a moment browsing the Ustream footage, or website and fall in love. Personally, I have spent many of the various Amazon gift cards I earn blogging and taking product surveys to donate directly from the Amazon wishlist, in addition to sending various product vouchers (for essential cleansers and detergents, you can imagine how many cat beds they wash!) But there is a way you can help without spending a single dime. The Blind Cat Rescue is in second place for a $10,000 grant through The Animal Rescue Site. Just a few hundred votes could make the difference in these 100 cats' lives!

Helping the Blind Cat Rescue cats and staff is as simple as clicking over here, to the Animal Rescue Voting Portal, and typing in "Blind Cat Rescue" as the shelter name, and "NC" as the state. The Blind Cat Rescue should be the only option that shows up. Simply click 'Vote,' and enter the CAPTCHA on the following page. Viola! You can vote once per day, per device- I am sure to vote on both my iPad and laptop daily, as well as Jay. It's something simple we ALL can do to make a difference in these adorable kitties lives, and once you've voted once, returning to vote is as easy as clicking a button (it saves the last shelter you voted for). For more information on what Alana and her crew are doing at the Blind Cat Rescue, and to get involved (or just unwind with some adorable pictures) visit their Facebook page. Thanks guys!