PR Information

My human started this page because I'm a big ham for the camera. I just love taking pictures, and I'm quite photogenic, if I do say so myself! I've been doubling as a spokes-cat, and reviewing products for 2 years, since I was 4 months old! I've worked with some fine companies like ComfortZone with Feliway, FroliCat, CitiKitty, LitterRobot, SleepyPod, and much more! I always assumed these things  just magically appeared, because I'm awesome like that, but my human says I need some sort of Press Page mumbo jumbo, so here it is:

My Family:

*Myself, Female Cat, 2 Years Old
*1 Male and Female Human in their 20s, cohabiting
*1 Male Cat, 1.5 Years Old, Indoor
*We also have a Pitbull and a Chihuahua in the house, Adult Canines

In general, I am happy to hear all PR pitches, and welcome a variety of pet pertaining products/services, for review here on Time Out For Truffles. Content, in many cases, will often be cross promoted on my human's blog, Momma Told Me, which has over 4,500 subscribers and a huge Facebook/Twitter influence! This is great for those interested in working with me, because they will receive full exposure as I grow a base of my own.

Unless otherwise noted prior to a review/giveaway agreement, equal rights are maintained for any images or quotes pertaining to said product or service, with my (Truffles) likeness. Any quotes published here on Time Out For Truffles are welcome to be reprinted, and quuted in future press releases or publications.

We're happy to support a giveaway for your product or service, though we do not handle prize distribution. We ask that all sponsors hold onto product until a winner is chosen, at which time we will provide the winner's email, phone, and address.

You can see some past photos, from old reviews on Momma Told Me, through my Facebook Fan Page, or here on Momma Told Me's PR Info.

Contact Me Directly At: