Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tips To Keep Your Cat Young!

Maintain your cat's health at any age with structured play times and toys that foster their natural instinct to hunt and play at night!

From a young age us 'hoomans' are groomed to be active. In elementary school we are given breaks multiple times throughout the day to expend energy, re-channel our focus, and refuel our bodies. As adults, especially in less active lifestyles and jobs, we are reminded that we need to get up and moving every hour to increase circulation and general cardio health. So it stands to reason that your fur children require no less motivation and attention when it comes to the subject of being active. Many modern cat parents would argue that Fluffy is simply 'too old' or 'never was the playing type,' and that their indoor lifestyle has given them a predisposition to discard nature's hunting tendencies for a more sedentary lifestyle. While some of thee things may be true to an extant, the level of activity your cat requires (at any age) to maintain optimal health does not change.
An active cat is possible at any age, engage your cat's natural instinct of night time activity and need to hunt!
There has been much debate as to whether domestic cats maintain their nocturnal lifestyle when home bound- most studies seem to reveal that, while cats will adapt to their owner's lifestyles, for the most part felines are most energetic and active during the day. If you've ever contemplated putting a night-cam in your living room or bathroom due to midnight crashes and cat-related disturbances, you likely agree.

Now, naturally, you can't uproot your entire sleeping arrangements to occupy your cat overnight, right? What you can do, however, is place toys in strategic places throughout the house to engage them during their nightly hunting excursions. In most cases the toys picky, or 'non playful' cats will respond to are those that look like innocuously misplaced pieces of trash. Consider placing crumpled paper balls or yarn knots at the edge of furniture and hallway corners- Cats are notorious for maintaining boundaries and following the same 'patrol' nightly.
An active cat is possible at any age, engage your cat's natural instinct of night time activity and need to hunt!
If you have a cat that is active during the day, and you are either too busy to take time to engage them- or simply not home, consider placing some plastic cat 'ball' toys in the bathtub or a large box/tub without a lid- cats love the action of its m bouncing and ricocheting. This personal hockey rink of sorts can make for great exercise! Most felines will also respond to the kitten-like instinct of swatting anything that is dangling. You can make a simple and engaging toy for your cat by tying a toy mouse to some old shoelaces or yarn and looping it around a door knob. If you have some elastic string, even better!
An active cat is possible at any age, engage your cat's natural instinct of night time activity and need to hunt!
Idealy, you and your cat will engage in play time and activity more than not. Truffles is forever a kitten, and at 4, still plays just as much (if not more) than her first year. The best way to keep your ct active is to engage them with toys and activities that match their natural instincts in nature. Pay attention to places where your cat seems most active or even causes trouble and inspect the surroundings an involved items. Try to mimic these places and scenarios and you will soon see your cat come to life. Of course, if you have a particularly sedentary or lazy feline you just may have to break out the laser pointer or catnip!

What are your best tips for an active cat? Any favorite toys?