Saturday, March 31, 2012

VetDepot:: Feliway Behavioural Diffuser Review and $25 Giveaway~ 4/15

Of one thing I am absolutely certain. To my cat, Truffles, I am her Momma.

I still remember the day we brought her home. It was a particularly lazy Spring afternoon, sticky and hot. I'd been looking to adopt a kitten for months, but every pet store I called informed me that 'kittens weren't in season'. Against the breeding of animals for profit, I kept an eye on our local shelters and Craigslist for a wayward litter. At last I had stumbled across an add for kittens 'Free to A Good Home', and hesitantly drug my then husband to the address, 2 towns over. By the time we arrived the litter of 7 had been picked down to one; a trembling little kitty, the runt. Black, and white, she mewed from the back of a 'small' cage that dwarfed her. Around us chickens clucked, and large dogs poked their inquisitive noses against the grate. She was covered in fleas, as we later found out, and if she had been weened at all, it was not long enough and quite recent. Sticking my huge face in front of her clear view, I peered in at those big yellow eyes and fell in love.

Truffles, as it turns out, was the runt of her litter. Even now, full grown, she weighs no more than 6lbs. In those early days she was meant to be my companion. Alone in the house, working from home, all day, my only company. She was, and still is very much, terrified of nearly everything and everyone; but we were quick to grow a bond. I'd type up my posts, and she'd nestle against my chest, peering out over the rim of my collar. And as soon as the husband would come home she'd run and hide. In general, it's safe to say, Truffles has a lot of anxiety. She's such a sweetheart, but is very territorial. After the dissolution of my marriage Truffles and I were moving into a brand new home, complete with 15lb, male, Frankie (the cat). To say everyone's been on edge would be an understatement. Frankie grooms himself excessively, and, while they are slowly becoming friends, both exhibit new behaviors associated with stress.

As a Momma of a four legged friend, I have felt awful about this. In a sense, I've felt like I let her and I both down. Surely there was something I could do to soothe her and curb these natural behaviors? I spent hours on forums, talked to countless friends, and consulted our vet. Everyone agreed these behaviors were stemming from anxiety and stress, but no one could help me stop them. Then, I recently learned of an intriguing, non invasive, treatment called Feliway. Available in the form of a spray or plug in diffuser, Feliway targets environmental stress factors through the emission of natural pheromones. Essentially it mimics the pheromones cats transfer to mark territory as 'safe'. Your cat naturally does this by brushing it's head, specifically whiskers, along surfaces and people it deems safe. This is a harmless way of marking familiar territory and a communication that is understandable within the species.

I received a Feliway diffuser and refill for review here on Momma Told Me, from trusted online pet retailer, VetDepot. Many people often feel intimidated shopping online for pet goods; there is a natural stigma and detachment pet owners seem to dislike. As our pets are like our children, it's only natural to assume we will miss an important detail, or even order the wrong thing. Personally, whenever I buy anything for Truffles or Frankie, I always head online to research any and all purchase decisions. To me, it's only natural to trust VetDepot with the final sale! As the leading supplier of pet nutritional supplements, supplies, and medications, this website is filled with useful feedback from real consumers, actual pet owners. Shop, conveniently, for prescribed veterinarian treatments, easily online, or browse thousands of OTC remedies and supplements.

VetDepot promises all of their products are identical in quality, and meet FTC guidelines, just as those sold in your veterinarian's office- they're simply delivered direct to your door, at up to 60% off! Special needs pets, and those who require expensive dietary supplements, can often mean expensive monthly bills. Without pet insurance, much like humans, many pet owners are forced to choose between what is most beneficial. Thanks to VetDepot's Price Match guarantee, you won't find the same product advertised for less elsewhere, otherwise they'll match it! An especially thoughtful, and interesting policy, is their Heartworm guarantee, which ensures any pet treated for 12 consecutive months, with a prior negative test, will be covered for vet bills. It's wonderful to see a retail company stand by their inventory with such assuredness!

Feliway is veterinarian recommended and proven to ease and stop stress related behaviors such as Scratching, Loss of Appetite, Urine Marking, and Nervous Traveling. It consists solely of a Feline Facial Pheromone Analouge, and is entirely non toxic to humans and other pets. It is not a tranquilizer, or drug, and should never be orally or physically applied. The Feliway Electric Diffuser Kit includes a plug in wall diffuser and 48mL bottle for a retail price of $30.37 (29% off), through One plug in diffuser treats an area of 500-600 sq feet, and lasts an average of 4 continuous weeks. The manufacturer urges to use the product for a full 4 weeks to see full effects, though many testimonials, including mine indicate an immediate change in pet behavior. Set up is no more than your average Plug In air freshener. Simply unscrew the vial's cap and twist it into the diffuser plug in. The unit is designed to swivel for a vertical or horizontal fit, though I found with the globe shaped top that using the secondary outlet is near impossible. I should note that the plug in does not make any noise, nor emit a scent detectable to humans.

Truffles took immediate notice. She found the empty packaging first, and quickly began 'marking' it by flopping onto her back and nuzzling with her whiskers. She seemed to be in a good mood, and far more energetic than I'd ever seen her since introducing Frankie! Next she wandered over to the outlet and took a whiff of the plug in, her nose scrunching up, and again, flopping onto her back like a kitten. This was followed by a few 'mews' and some running around, before she settled on the bed beside me and fell asleep. I have to admit, I was skeptical, but since plugging our Feliway diffuser in Truffles and Frankie have been incident free. Frankie showed no direct interest of the actual diffuser unit, however I have noticed, already, a decrease in the constant 'nervous' grooming, and vertical scratching. In general, they both seem much more content. I'll certainly continue to use the ComfortZone with Feliway system, a bargain compared to damaged furniture or stains, and recommend it to anyone with a cat (stressed or not).

One Time Out For Truffles follower, and their four legged family member, will win a $25 VetDepot Gift Certificate!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Watch Cat: What's To Come

I spend most of my days patrolling our windows, which have been officially designated as 'mine'; that Frankie isn't allowed near! Usually I just enjoy sunbathing, but in the late afternoon, when all the children get home from school, I prefer to keep an eye on the perimeter. If I see someone walking towards the house, and they disappear from sight, I run to the door, to see who it is! Jenna knows I can't stand sharing my sill, and all sorts of things have been popping up on them lately! In fact, it's even become sort of a game of ours. As soon as I hear one of those Beanie Babies hit the sill, I come running at full speed to knock it off. At least I keep my space clean!

We've got our first review and giveaway coming this weekend, from Pet Depot- but keep your eyes peeled for great companies such as KyJen, PETching, Tropical Traditions, and ManiPeti, as well! And don't forget to stop in next Wednesday to see all those adorable pet pics you've been sending in!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Post About Names

I'm often fascinated at how my colleagues came across their names. In a society where many humans now bear laughable namesakes such as Apple, Bluebell, Sunday, and even Calico (Alice and Sheryl Cooper), it's easy to see little sense in holding back when naming pets. In fact, it was precisely this absurdity that landed me with my own moniker.

Devoted Office fan, and down time cartoon buff, Jenna, had long found it hilarious the way Office's high strung Angela character would dote upon her cats of overly dramatized names. In one such episode Angela's secret office boyfriend runs home to feed her ailing cat Sprinkles, only to discover the poor feline has met it's demise. Comic hilarity, or so my human counterpart thinks, ensues as poor Sprinkles is placed in the freezer with no decorum. Ironically enough, this was the scene that came to mind when Jenna was breaking me from the pen at the chicken ranch. She wanted an over the top pet name that would give nod to Angela's Office cat obsession, while still remaining uniquely my own. (For which I am thankful, as I am not named after freezer cat).

The secondary spark of inspiration came while watching an episode of her favorite cartoon that night. Chowder, Cartoon Network, is an off the wall episodic feature about a purple cat (named Chowder) who aspires to one day be a chef. In said show there is a grumpy old Mushroom Sprite names Truffles; which apparently, reminded my owner of me! So, while I am not named after truffles, the chocolate I am in a sense named after the mushrooms, thanks to the influence of modern media. Luckily for me, I'm just cute enough to pull it off! Tell us, how did your furry friend get their name?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wild Wednesdays- Send Us Your Pet Pics!

Hi everyone! Boy am I amazed how many Facebook fans I have in just a week! Thank you all so much for the support, I should be hosting my very first review/giveaway as soon as this weekend. We have some truly wonderful sponsors lined up, and look forward to hosting Q&A sessions with animal experts, as well as featuring a wide variety of pet friendly products. In the mean time, I've seen some of you share tidbits about your owners, I mean, furry friends- we would love for you to send us a photo. Every Wednesday we'll feature your best friends here! It's simple, just send a quick email with PNG, GIF, JPEG attachment to! Well, I'm off to stalk Frankie- have a great hump day!

Beanies For Baby

You may not know it but I don't consider myself your usual cat. In fact, I'm hardly a cat at all. You see, when I was just about 4 months Jenna discovered my affinity for packing peanuts. She'd get boxes and boxes in each day, some 10x my size, filled with eco (corn starch) peanuts. Because they were biodegradable, and entirely dissoluble, she didn't mind if I rolled around in them for hours.....that was until it was time to clean up! Well, one day she came home with a curious little toy most humand would never dream of letting their children play with; Cat Springs. Almost medieval, these brightly colored springs are exactly as they sound, wide coiled spring toys for cats (will feature those another time). These springs are extremely lightweight, and often cling to a cat's tiny paw pads, bouncing high, and moving far with little effort. I was hooked. Jenna bought over 50 of those springs, and I'm always sure to share them with my friends!

One day I decided I was tired of playing with myself. I pranced right into my human's bedroom and plopped a spring at her feet. She didn't notice at first, so I fetched a few more, until she got the picture. Finally she realized I wanted to play, and after a few days I was running to the sound of that silly spring- play time! When we moved into our new home there was a lot more space to run around, and I went a little crazy. As it turns out, Jenna collected Beanie Babies as a child, and had boxes to sort through. There is just something about that beanbag sound that makes me come running! At first I thought it was fun because she would get so upset! But there was just something about waking up with a pile of chameleons on her feet that won her over. (Aren't I such a good cat?)

Today we don't let a day go by without a session of fetch with Beanie Babies. Sure, they're mostly 1/3 my size, and I only weigh 6lbs myself, but I love retrieving them from shelves, and even carrying them onto the bed. Those humans can't go to sleep at night without scouring the sheets for my toys! Of course I have my favorites; Izzy, Pinky, Chocolate, and Seaweed- but Jenna just loves anything with a tail (they get great leverage). Yea, I might not be your typical, ordinary, everyday cat- but hey, who wants to be ordinary?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Time Out For Truffles: A Pet Blog $20 PayPal Giveaway~ 4/15

I'm not much for begging, that's more of a dog's role, but Jenna says that sometimes you've got to put on a spectacle in order to attract the right eyes. Well, we've got the spectacle, now we need the right eyes! I've got some wonderful pet and animal lover reviews and giveaways lined up- but I can't bust those out until we've got the numbers. So sign up to follow us now, and stay in the loop on all of my daily shenanigans (after all, smiling is good for the heart), fun photo strips, useful pet advice, and wonderful product reviews (giveaways too!) If you don't know who I am, or why I'd have my own site, you can wander on over to Momma Told Me, where I'm a regular star. (They love me, they really love me!) Good luck!

Enter HERE for your shot at $20 PayPal CASH. WW Entry.

It's Raining Cats And Dogs

The kid, Jenna, and I aren't feeling so hot today. We woke up and it was pouring outside; a rare occurrence for Southern California. It's the kind of day where you just wanna crawl right back in bed with your human and snooze away the afternoon. After all, it is Sunday, the day of rest, right?

In any case, Jenna's fighting the sniffles, and the house is quiet at last with Jeremy off to work. The human's been fussing over me all morning, on account of my eyes watering. She wears some Apple Cider Vinegar on the nape of my neck will have me ship shape in no time. Have you ever heard of this as a natural remedy for conjunctivitis? We're real big into natural remedies around here, though sometimes Jenna cracks and breaks into the TheraFlu (for herself). I don't mind to much, a sleeping human is a happy human. More time for me to get into trouble.....erm, explore, on my own!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Me and My Family: An Intro

So you want to know about me, huh?

Well, for starters I was born on a chicken ranch in Southern California. I was a regular Oliver Twist, and quite the site when I adopted my first human, Jenna. She took me home, at 5 weeks, and I spent much of my childhood nestled in the collar of her shirt as she typed away on Momma Told Me. As things turned out, I wasn't destined to be much bigger than I already was, growing to 5lbs in my first year, and hardly an even 6lbs today. That's right, I like to watch my girlish figure, but I've also been known to hit the Friskies pretty hard now and then. Hey, what's a gal to do when she's the only cat in the kingdom?

By 6 months Jenna was teaching me how to use the 'big peoples' toilet. I didn't mind much, until I decided I didn't like the feeling of water splashing back up on my tail. There were a few dark times where the sink was mistaken for a toilet bowl, and I'm not particularly proud of them. Gigs such as CitiKitty and FroliCat kept me busy through my childhood. I starred in my first 'ad,' for CSNStores, at 4 months, and it all took off from there. The better Jenna's cameras got, the more of a ham I became, until people were sending robotic litter boxes and organic cat treats from halfway across the world, for my consideration!

I've always been a quite individual. In fact, outside of my human, Jenna, I've never cared much for anything hairless or full-furred. But that would all change in January '12, when my human decided to venture out into the world and fall in love with this scrappy looking bloke, Jeremy. Jeremy and his 'delightful' friend, Frankie. I would have stayed behind, parting ways, enjoying a full retirement of mice and sunbathing- but I couldn't very well leave Jenna to fend for herself, could I? What kind of an individual would I be if I let my human move in with some strange man and his cat of questionable motives? No, I had to do the right thing; and so we moved out towards the beach, and off the Avenue.

So here I sit today, dictating to my human, and chewing on a blade of Organic Cat Grass. I started this site because, well, honestly, I enjoy being in the spotlight. It's what I do best- I'm a natural born star! But, there also has to be more to life than catching springs and fetching Beanie Babies, right?

This is Frankie. And about all he does. Sleep.

His birth certificate says he's about 1.5 years, making me the elder- but don't let that fool you. Frankie is a bear, at near 15lbs, and with that wild kinda face you just can't quite trust. Luckily Frankie never moves faster than a couple steps and hour, and prefers sleeping to just about any sort of recreational hobby. Seriously, this dude's gonna get one of the humans killed with all his laying, and sleeping, and laying. Jenna's constantly tripping over this furball!

These are the humans, Jeremy and Jenna. They're more animal than me!

Jenna was my first human, she's about 25 years old, and always reaching for her camera, or the computer. You could call her a real techie- but then again, she's also quite the foodie. She spends most of her days typing away at Momma Told Me, and searching the web for the latest fashions or tech releases. You could say she has an affinity for all things vintage, but that might be an understatement. These humans have covered my entire home with collectible vintage tech and nonsense! In any case, if you're ever looking for a new product or zany gift idea, head on over to her site; she's almost as good as me at writing.

Jeremy, Frankie's human, works part time as a security guard and has an unhealthy addiction to music; especially PROG such as Porcupine Tree and Dreamtheater- or traditional PROG like Pink Floyd. Either way, he's always got something playing, and it's NOT Justin Beiber. These two kids drive me crazy, but what can I say; they're my humans and I love them!