Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wild Wednesdays- We're Back!

Okay, so we had to take a week off. Things were crazy with the family; there was a funeral and a 21st birthday, then Jenna had a BIG event on Momma Told Me with thousands of prizes in giveaways and reviews in just 4 days! But I'm happy to report we're back on schedule and we have some great things for you! I've even included a shot of Moi, below- a sneak preview! Just try not to smile at this week's Wild Wednesdays pet pics- and be sure to send your pet photos in or a chance to be featured here next Wednesday! Send pet pics to

First, we have rescue kitty MaggieMae- a gorgeous girl who loves helping her human out with the groceries, especially when there's food involved! Did you know they make 'crinkle sacks' for cats like MaggieMae who love to hide in, and play with the sound of grocery bags? I'm much too timid to go into something I can't get out of, besides, Jenna would just pick me up and take me with her!

Here we have Brutus the Boxer, in a mixed-species relationship with Fuzzy-Wugz, their gigantic cat. Having 'made it official' 5 years back, the two are like an old married couple. In this picture, they are cuddling in between Buster and their human on the couch. They like to watch Jeopardy together!

And last, but not least, we have a little pic I like to call 'Spa Day'. Here I am relaxing in Jenna's arms while my nail (caps) dry. Being this adorable is tough work- but it has to be done!


  1. They are so cute-love the spa day. I have never tried nail caps but they sure look pretty!

  2. My kitty does the same thing as MaggieMae! As soon as there is an empty bag Boots is in it. We pick him up and carry him around in the bag LoL