Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Thought I'd Never Own A Cat Tree

I've lived with pets for most of my life, and I've cared for many of my own four legged friends; but, if you'd asked me a few years back if I'd ever own a 'cat tree' the answer would have been a certain 'No'.

Pet furniture, much like Shag Carpeting and Corn Cob Curtains, holds certain stigmas many design forward individuals tend to turn their upper lip at. Placing a giant pole of carpet in one's main living area, specifically to be torn up, is a hard concept for many. However, much like children, it is hard for any true pet owner to conceal just how much of their lives those pets dominate. Walk into their home and you will see Nylabones and Cat Grass, half chewed old sneakers, and couch cushions lovingly coated in cat fur.

Of course, owning and loving a pet doesn't have to mean surrendering your sense of style or a clean and tidy home- but (just like the hubby's once-used Bowflex) their property belongs just as much, because you love them.

Last month I reviewed the eco-friendly, modern chic, PetFusion Cat Lounger to rave reviews. I loved that it was lightweight and how it's elliptical design made it passable for stylish decor. When we recently moved into our own new home the amount of pet accessible space tripled. And, with thoughts of our upcoming canine adoption (stay tuned!), I wanted to provide a space the cats could retreat too without fear of personal invasion. Truffles, in particular, is territorial and loves to climb or hide in small cubbies. Already in a new, strange to her, environment, I felt as though it was time to compromise. And so I set out, online, for a little less traditional piece of cat furniture.

As it turns out, I've found, you can actually choose from a much wider selection, and read really helpful reviews, ordering cat furniture online! I was shocked by how reasonable shipping was through Amazon (and there were many options for FREE 2 Day shipping with my Prime Membership). I would have never thought to buy a piece of pet furniture online like this, but it has truly turned out great. Not only did we get a fashionable Leopard Print tree that fits our space perfectly, but the reviews were spot on about durability and assembly.

Of course Truffles, being as shy as she is, was a little hesitant of the new lounge at first. She'd already decided the plush dining chairs were her new hangout, but we broke her of that habit in a few days. Now she knows she has a safe place, all to her own, where she will not be bothered by anyone- and that makes us both happy!

As Required By the FTC: This post is of my own volition and not in any way endorsed by PetFusion, Amazon, or any other mentioned brands or services. If you'd like to know more about the Cat Tree we chose, just leave a comment!


  1. Hi Jenna. I know just what you mean. We never thought we were cat people and now I have 3 new kittens, the mama and the one we already had. I've always felt the same about the cat towers and toys. I must be getting old because I'm wanting one too. I know they'd have a ball and I guess I love 'em enough to want that.

    Thanks for coming by and entering the VTech phone giveaway.


  2. I've got 8 cats so I have cat trees and furniture everywhere. There are so many great ones to choose from these days.
    Truffles is so cute and looks so happy on her tree. :)

  3. I never wanted a cat tree in my house either, but now, I just don't care what people think anymore. My cats will love it, and that's why I'm buying it! I was just planning on getting one when I saw your post :)

  4. That's a nice looking cat tree. I know I have seen cat trees in stores and they are usually plain tan, red or green rug covered. In NYC, I always see the cat trees by the garbage and they always look like they haven't been used.

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