Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's a JW (Pet) Christmas

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The (four legged) children are tucked away in bed, visions of catnip and dog biscuits dancing in their heads.... Do you celebrate the holidays with your pets? Running the PetPals Blogger/Reader exchange program, I always have a glut of adorable and unique toys on hand to send out. Just ask the other half, I can't walk past a pet department and not bring home something for our children, and our PetPal! Needless to say, there are 3 tiny little stockings bulging with treats and toys for Nora, Frankie, and Truffles. Whether you're gifting for your own pets, or those of a friend, it's likely you won't want to invest much in toys that have a clearly themed definition. That is, Candy Cane rubber squeakers are adorable during the holidays, but do you really want them rolling around your home through  Spring? Sure, your pets may notice the change in atmosphere, and the additional spoiling, but they won't be offended if that Gingerbread chewier is replaced with an equally colorful and exciting year-round toy.

Yes, we still bust out the dog sweater and the antlers for the holidays, and Nora does have a few holiday themed squeakers, but I didn't pay more than $1 for them, and they are intended to be tossed after minimal use. Our stocking stuffers, well, they consist of one of Nora's favorite brands; JW Pet. Not only have these toys been engineered to last hours, and weeks, of rigorous play, but they feature cutting edge materials such as the virtually indestructible Megalast compound. JW Pet is also home to an adorable assortment of colorful crinkle characters known as Crackle Heads. And, expanding upon the big 'water bottle' toy trend this year, JW Pets has a unique Crackle Ball, within the Crackle Head line, that combines the fun of rubber based chews with a crinkly plastic center! We received an appropriately themed (Red) little devil Crackle Head for Nora. While the smallest of this line is still a little big for her to get her jaw around, the tough canvas material of the feet makes it perfect for chewing. I'm still impressed at how loud the 'crackle' gets, and how quickly the inside material springs back into form.
Also included in Nora's stocking this year was the Hol-Ee Cuz, which resembles a gold ball with feet. Through the mesh like print rubber ball there is a soft yellow filling stuffed inside, making this great for teething pups and long lasting chewing. We've found this quite easy on her developing jaw, and she just loves gnawing at the edges and feet. It even gives way to a little squeak now and then, thanks to the small squeaker tucked away inside the fabric core. Sold in a wonderful Lime Green hue, this dog toy appropriately bundles with the Red Crackle Heads for a Christmas themed stocking that is just as aesthetic friendly in May, as it is in December! Remember, JW Pet covers a wide range of animals in treats and toys; beyond cats and dogs are gerbils, birds, reptiles and more. And, it's never hard to spot their range among the sea of pet toys- JW is stylishly designed with bright colors to engage both owner and pet.
We've yet to have any products break down or become damaged from ordinary use, which is saying a lot with a teething puppy. Some of  the more abstract, or 'heavy duty' toys, though built for small breeds, are still a bit over Nora's head. She likes gnawing on her Crackle Head, but has to have a human companion to create the 'crackling' sound. Thankfully, there are well over 100 sizes and styles of JW Pet toys for dogs, and many of the classic squeakers are just right. I continue to order JW Pet products for family, friends, and Pet Pals, and have no plans on buying any other brand for a very long time. Why would I need to with hundreds of products to choose from and such intelligent styling and design?

As Required By The FTC: I received product samples for consideration. No other compensation was provided. All opinions inside are mine and mine alone.

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