Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Places They Will Go: Strange Pet Sightings

We have 2, 5 tier, cat trees inside our 2 bedroom condominium, so why do I snap Instagram shots like this daily? Perhaps, like a kid, Truffles is most drawn to those things are are not designated 'hers'. Or perhaps she simply appreciates the childlike wonder of a good box?

Don't let these shots fool you, folks, just because she is standing in these shots does not mean she hasn't or isn't about to lay down, curl up in a ball, or sit for a length of time in those locations.  Just about the only place I haven't seen this cat is in the laundry (and I know a good many cats who prefer to lounge in baskets, and even open dryers). While it frustrates me endlessly that I've spent such an extravagant amount of money trying to make our home 'cat' friendly, and she still chooses the most inexplicable of places to relax; a part of me is incredibly envious. After all, how cool would it be to be able to climb behind, in, and around anything you wanted? How neat would it be to be able to leap to heights 8x your own, and look down upon the entire room in observance? Yes, some days I too wish I could crawl under a stereo cabinet, or enjoy the bath of sunlight streaming in across our dining table.

At the end of the day, however, I laugh it all off with a shrug; no matter where I may see her during the course of the afternoon, she's always sure to curl up in bed with me each night!

Where's the strangest place your pet likes to hang out?


  1. I have 5 cats so my apartment is full of cardboard boxes in every shape and size, but my Barkerman loves to hide in between the shower curtain & liner, Blazie is always on top of the fridge, and Lillia is a laundry cat :) (and yes I have waaay too many cat pics-everyone cringes when I pull out my phone lol)

  2. Cardboard has to be the most favorite thing ever for cats. I've never known a cat that didn't want to play in, sleep in or gnaw on a good cardboard box. And computers. I don't know if it's the high frequency noise or that our hands are always busy a computer, but I've also known many a cat who needs to sit right on the keyboard or at least in a lap while we're at the computer. I think they spend their lives trying to make sure we don't guess their patterns! They're such snobs like that!

  3. That is so cute! We used to have a cat and she used to hang on the tv station all the time. Love the pictures. So funny!

  4. Hi pal, I found you by going back thru the Saturday Pet Blog Hop. So glad I did.. Looking at your face, we could pass for twins. he he - M says tho that you are slim and trim and I'm ummmm fat! (how dare she).