Friday, February 28, 2014

Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Service For Dogs

Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Box For Dog Owners
As far back as I can remember, I've enjoyed giving much more than receiving. Few aspects of my life illustrate this quite like my love for my pets, which I ultimately consider my four-legged children. When I was a young girl I recall insisting on documenting the birthday of each of our house-cats. My father would print it on our family calendar, and every year I'd make Momma bust out a box of cake mix, and take me to the pet store to buy a special toy. Naturally, when it comes to pets, everything you do for them is a gift; Nora gets excited when we just look her direction to acknowledge her, let alone bust our a bacon flavored chewy. But, sometimes I don't have the time to stop by the pet store each month, or I'm simply bored with the same selection of toys and treats. And, on those occasions, a monthly pet subscription box can be a much welcome treat for myself and my fur-babies.
Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Box For Dog Owners
At the end of last year we had the chance to receive a sample box from Pooch Pax, a monthly subscription service designed exclusively for dogs. With three breed size ranges, small, medium, and large, this pet service is a little more flexible than most when it comes to custom building boxes for your pet. They offer a simple structure that enables you to buy one box at a time, or subscribe to several months in advance for a discounted rate. I've heard rumors that there is now a tailoring option for the age of your four-legged child (puppy/senior options), but haven't had a chance to try that out yet. It seems like an especially ingenious concept, since the dietary needs and active levels of dogs vary with their age.
Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Box For Dog Owners
Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Box For Dog Owners
Nora is a 5.5lb Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix), and considered a toy size dog, which is typically smaller than most small dog branded products accommodate. This was evident in our Small Pooch Pax box, which featured a few treats that were hard for her to chew, and a Tuffy Ball tennis ball play toy much too big for her jaw. Our Bubba Rose Cheesy Bacon Breakable Training Treat was still almost twice her daily kibble size, when broken by the scoring. I ended up smashing it as a 'topping' for her dinner later in the night, and she really seemed to enjoy it. There was also a container of organic and fresh made Healthy Dog (pumpkin cinnamon) biscuits that seemed to grab Nora's attention right away from the scent. They proved hard for her to chew, but she was also content just licking and gnawing on a biscuit protectively for an hour.
Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Box For Dog Owners
Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Box For Dog Owners
The average Pooch Pax contains 4-6 full size items for your dog, and ours was chocked full of  6; not all of them edible delights. We also received a flash and glow safety light to attach to her color that features a waterproof silicone casing and bright neon color for enhanced visibility. But Nora's favorite non-edible (okay, it's proved edible much to my dismay) surprise was an adorable giraffe squeak toy. Nicknamed 'Raffe' in our home, Nora spend the better part of a month quite literally snuggling with this toy at night, until they seemed to have a disagreement and I came home to stuffing and a war wound in Raffe's leg.

Pooch Pax starts as low as $19 dollars a month, and ships once a month with brand new products hand picked for their unique features and flavors. All of the edible treats we've encountered have been the highest quality, with many natural and even hand made aspects. My only request for the company is that they look into adding a 'Toy Breed' size to their service to accommodate smaller customers, such as Nora. Save $5 on any 6 Month Subscription Plan with discount code: Truffles.

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