Wednesday, January 14, 2015

#TreatThePups this Valentine's Day, DIy Dog Cabinet Idea #ad

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#TreatThePups this Valentine's Day with a D.I.Y Dog Cabinet- Turn a second-hand dresser into a pet bed and treat station with a few coats of paint and some Milk-Bone jars! A side table turned upside down or an oversized drawer with a large floor pillow will also double as a shabby chic dog bed when painted! Spread the love this Valentine's Day and find more inspiration with hashtag #TreatThePups and Big Heart Pet treats! #Ad #CollectiveBias
Momma Told Me: Love is a four-legged word.

The month of love is almost upon us. 

I can think of few relationships in my life as selfless and unconditionally loving as that between my pets and I. Even growing up, Momma taught me that love between a human and  pet should know no boundaries. Our family frequently took in pets from shelters which would have otherwise been put down due to serious medical needs. In several cases our family was there to provide a stray or mistreated animal with exclusive love and comfort in their final weeks. Compassion for animals, and respect for their gift of returned love was a very important lesson in my childhood.

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