Saturday, July 21, 2012

Home From Vacation- While The Humans Are Away....

Whenever I go on vacation it's inevitable I feel guilty for leaving the pets behind. However, as a pet owner, as much as we'd like to take our companions with us (and it's certainly possible in most circumstances), we also have to consider their comfort and needs. While I could have hauled Truffles and Frankie across the country to Philadelphia, and a pet friendly hotel, for a week- just how enjoyable would that have been for them? Was putting my skiddish, spoiled, kitty through an airport worth it? Would either of them be content being confined within the hotel room, and locked up when we were away? The simple answer this time was, "No."

Naturally, leaving the pets at home, for any extended period of time, requires just as much planning as traveling with them. The last time I had left Truffles alone, for 3 days, she was just a kitten. I had arranged for my tenants to check in on her twice a day, to feed her and clean her box. She was left with one room to roam, and when I returned, she had managed to gain access to another 2, and the damage was impressive. Not only did it happen to be the holidays (and my Christmas Tree left in full decor), but the freed kitty had, well, been a kitten. There were gifts on my bed, and several ornaments turned cat toys- not to mention the unraveling of every inch of lighting on that tree! I think Truffles might have had more fun than me! But any damage she could have caused was nothing compared to the worries I had of what she might have gotten into, unsupervised, that could have potentially caused her harm.

The lesson? Be more discerning when choosing pet sitters, of course! I've since learned it's best to only trust those with pets of their own- or at least well known family and friends. My pets are my children, and it's hard to relax when you're worrying if one's eaten today, or if the other is trapped under a flat screen!

Surprisingly, the condo remained fairly unscathed this trip. I was sure to close off all doors to carpeted rooms (though Truffles has a way of opening the tightest of doors). I also placed some old blankets over the couch as precaution. Unfortunately, there were a few accidents in the bathroom; I've pretty much determined was a result of a last minute litter brand switch and Truffles anxiety. We never see accidents in our home, but I know my cat well enough to know the bathroom is her safe spot (she spent many nights in ours as a kitty), and the strategic placement on both bath mats, has her signature all over it! I also noticed that Truffles seems to have picked up a pound, while Frankie lost a pound; telling me she took liberty of the once a day double feeding, and Frankie's 'leftover' food. Overall, though, I'm just glad to see both of my furbabies in good health, and giving plenty of missed attention!

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