Friday, July 27, 2012

It's a Cat's World- Vay-Cay-Shun

Well, the humans are back from their Vay-Cay-Shun; whatever that is.

All that seemed relevant to me was that I would have free reign of the new digs for one week, plus an extra helping of food each night. That's right, while Frankie was counting calories, I was enjoying his voluntary surrender of additional Meow Mix. What can I say? You just don't go around leaving your kibble unattended, and not expect somebody to eat it!

I'd say things went fairly smooth, over-looking an unfortunate incident or two with a few bathmats. In fact, I'd have to say the time flew by quite nicely. Of course, our humans left us another human to look after, while they were gone. I didn't mind so much though, I just left all the heavy lifting to Frankie. After all, that kid would paint a fence if I told him it was fun! Yup, he just rolled all over soaking up the attention- silly cat, that's what they want.

As for me?

I missed the humans, a little, I suppose. I overheard the one with the long hair speaking about a new dream house for cats, and some freeze dried treats. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled though, I'll believe it when I see it- you should keep your eyes peeled too, we're bound to have a great giveaway or two soon. And, don't forget to send in those wacky pet pics to for next week's Wild Wednesdays!

Well, I've got a cushy iPad to sunbathe on- until next time my furry friends,


  1. LOL, Truffles must be the best iPad screen cleaner! :D

  2. I am Liking truffles already but your share bar covers his remarks.

  3. haha...oh the stories he will tell! I will have to get some cool pet photos for Wacky Wednesday as well! Super fun!