Monday, September 3, 2012

A Simple Kind of Cat: Frankie's Version of Hide N' Seek

For as long as we have had Frankie he has been a relatively simple cat.

He enjoys routine, is friendly (to the point of letting the dog chew on him for several minutes, before politely turning away), and respects the will of his humans. Yes, Frankie is the kind of cat who will sit where you place him, for hours on end, until he feels he has been given 'permission' to move. We took Frankie in when he was just over a year, so there is no way to say what, or who, exactly molded this behavior- we simply consider him wonderfully peculiar.

Well, Mr. Frankie (Frankfurt as we lovingly call him) does the same thing day and out; he self soothes (grooms) frequently, and sleeps in the same exact spot. Rather, on a specific item, wherever we place that item; a zebra striped patio pillow he quickly took to upon moving in. If Frankie is not on that pillow, then he must be eating or using the commode. We've had him since February, and either of us would have waged money in Vegas on this information as fact. So, you can imagine my surprise, and earnest alarm, when I was passing through the living room the other day and Frankie was not in his 'usual' spot. His cushion was within range of the litter box, and his water source was in view; no Frankie!

I must have tore the house up searching for this less than dainty feline, even going into rooms that were seldom opened, for fear I had mistakenly locked him in. Beginning to panic, I headed towards our front door, and then I saw him- laying on the floor in front of the giant cat tree, legs pressed out against the sliding glass door, bowing our blinds outward; just soaking up the sun. I could rack my brain over why he's chosen this spot as his new fave, but will have to chalk it up to simple comfort. Frankie is finally starting to relax a little. Of course, I am glad he still has a healthy respect for 'Truffles' belongings (cat tree), and knows to stay safely away. I feel a little guilty he can't sit on a perch in the window, but then again, Frankie doesn't need the frills. He's a simple kind of cat.

Does your pet have a favorite spot that's unique?


  1. He has such a sweet little face!I miss having cats:-(

  2. Franky sounds like a cool cat!! Glad he wasn't missing and was just having a nice relaxing time getting some sunshine! He looks so comfortable!

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