Saturday, September 8, 2012

Betty White Talks About The Importance of Microchipping

Did you know that every year over 10 millions pets lose track of their humans, or home, and become lost? Pet micro-chipping helped recover over 1 million of those animals in 2011, though an overwhelming 6 million, estimated, were no micro-chipped.

While Jenna was always afraid of just what exactly the process might be like, and how I'd take to the event, it turns out most offices will microchip while your pet is out for routine spay/neuter, teeth cleaning, etc- and often at a cheaper cost than an individual office visit. Worried you can't afford it, and think a standard ID tag will prevent us pets from getting lost? Think again, I've wriggled out of my collar more times than dollars in my humans bank account (okay, slight exaggeration). Many cats, especially, wear safety collars when they are outdoors, to ensure they do not end up stuck in a tree or tangled while on the prowl. These detach with the slightest tug, and leave your furry friends unidentifiable. Canines, that get to go on car rides and vacations, are no exception; they have the biggest chance to break away from their owner and get lost, far from home. Even worse, some of the fancier breeds are a target for theft!

Nora will be micro-chipped when she is Spayed next month, and at our local Low-Cost Clinic, the rates are as low as $25 for qualified income ($45 for us, when done with the spay). Whether your furry friend is out for surgery, or a visit walk in, the process takes seconds and is no more irritating than a standard injection. The 'chip' itself is the size of a grain of rice, and injected between the shoulder blades. Once inserted you can register your pet, and instantly track it's whereabouts, should you become seperated. Micro-chipping also makes your pet eligible for awesome tech pet products like the Sure Flap, which opens only on a chip-by chip, identified, basis!

Don't let your family member wind up on a Milk carton, get them micro-chipped today. Still not convinced, see what dear Betty White has to say:


  1. Please note that microchips are pretty useless if you don't REGISTER the chip and keep your info updated. I have multiple contacts listed for my guys, including out of state relatives in the event of a natural disaster.

    Something else to consider is that chipped pets are often given more time (before they are euthanized) if they happen to end up in a kill shelter.

  2. Great additions Michelle!

    I have heard from many local shelters that chipped animals have a longer 'pick up' wait before euthanization, just another reason to chip....But, as you said, you have to follow up and keep your info current too!