Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Flea Free Season Brought To You by ADAMS with Giveaway~ 5/4

Not many people know our dirty little secret. Fleas.

When we brought Truffles home, for the first time, she was covered in them. Less than a pound, weened too early, and the runt of her litter, this trembling little kitty was infested. Of course, predominantly black, I had no way of knowing this when I chose her (nor would it have affected my decision). However, like a responsible pet owner, I was sure we made a stop at our local pet supplier for the appropriate shampoos and treatments. I knew, whether she had them or not, there were animals in our home that came and went as they pleased, and I had no way of knowing what would 'bounce' in from the surrounding fields, in the middle of Spring.

As it turns out, Truffles was the second kitten to enter our household that week. My tenant, nursing a 4 month old, had decided to take in a feral kitten to keep her chihuahua company during the days. For the most part, the kitten stayed in her room, but the dog was in and out, and all over the house. Of course, while Truffles never left our bedroom, and had been promptly bathed (multiple days the first week), and put on a flea regimen, I received a less than hospitable knock from my tenant one day. It was her belief that I had 'intentionally endangered' her child, as her dog and cat both were scratching from flea bites. She noted that she had 'seen me bring flea medication and shampoo into the house' when Truffles came home, and that the only reason I would have purchased such materials was if I had known she'd had fleas. Well, that, in itself, clearly proved that she did not treat either of her animals for flea, preventatively or otherwise, as she did not feel it was necessary unless a presence of fleas was visible!

Now, of course I cannot say exactly where the fleas on her pets came from- but I can say, had she been treating them, there would not have been an infestation! The moral of the story is not to wait for fleas first bite. When you adopt a new pet you ensure it has the proper immunizations, right? Why wouldn't you ensure it is protected from bothersome parasites and pests? Even indoor cats, who never travel outside, are susceptible to fleas traveling through screens, on other pets, and even hopping rides in on humans. A single female flea can produce 600 offspring in one month! Just because Spring is the official 'kick off' of flea and tick season doesn't mean keeping your home flea free won't take year round diligence! As a pet owner who has suffered through her share of scares and attacks, preventing fleas is much more financially feasible than having to get rid of them, once they're in.

If you've ever given your pet preventative flea treatments before, and most of us have, you likely know the trials and tribulations of administering such medication. For me, the biggest downfall is the mess (all over my hands and kitty). The second biggest fight is one handed application, which can be a pain for some squeeze and sharp tip applicators. Ms. Truffles hates the feel of 'wet' on the nape of her neck, as she associates it with unpleasant things (we treat her with Apple Cider Vinegar when she is ill). It's never hard to wrangle the cat, but getting the entire dosage applied, neatly, can take every able bodied person in the house!

We're extremely grateful that ADAMS Smarter Pet Care reached out to our family to experience their new treatment delivery system, ADAMS Flea & Tick Spot On, for Cats. This preventative and treatment system is only available for use with ADAMS topicals, and features the Smart Shield Applicator. This unique device is wonderfully easy to use, and resembles an ergonomic pod, that is silent to operate. Simply remove your desired application cartridge and place the tip in the guided cubby (device wide open) Next, flip the red 'door' down to snap the tip off, and open the topical canal. The very tip of the device features a unique, flat, shield, you may use to part the animal's fur, guide the flow of medication, and gently massage the product into the skin. ADAMS suggests doing this with the pet sitting up, though Truffles requires a bit of resistance on our part, and we administered the treatment with her laying down.

Available in 2 formulations for cats (2.5-5lbs, and 5lbs+), the Spot On Treatment with Smart Shield Applicator is also sold in canine formulas. Never use cat products on dogs, or vice versa! Spot On has been proven to start killing fleas and ticks in as few as 15 minutes, and works through a non hazardous distribution that effectively coats your cat's fur. A single touch from your cat's coat will sufficiently kill fleas! This formula also contains the brand's patented InfestStop IGR system, which effectively kills eggs and larvae, to stop the spread of fleas instantly. As a bonus, Spot On is known to repel and kill mosquitoes, especially great for outdoor pets.

I was quite pleased with the overall application process, and just how mess free it was. Thanks to the Smart Shield, I could easily target the base of her skull, and prevent the residue from rolling down the nape of Truffles' neck. I know it can often be concerning to see a big mat of shiny, or oily, fur after a flea treatment, and I was glad to find ADAMS kept the product to a controlled area. I'll definitely be purchasing refills soon, and plan on treating Frankie with ADAMS Spot On as well!

One Time Out For Truffles reader will win (2) 3 Month Supply Spot On Kits in Canine or Feline, from ADAMS!

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