Monday, April 30, 2012

Pet Furniture and Your Home: Product Preview

Now, some time back my human was watching Animal Planet when Pit Boss came to a close and a curious program overtook the screen. I was captivated by a human who called himself the Cat Whisperer. Six foot something, shaved head, pierced ears and a Black Guitar Case full of kitty baubles and wonder; I was sure this man had truly gone off the reservation. As it turns out, it wasn't so much the specialist that was crazy, it was the human 'owners' on the show. Individuals and couples who consistently cried 'wits end', dropping words such as 'pound' and 'adoption' over family members that had (in many cases) been with them for years! Unthinkable to me, to simply kick my human out for snoring, or claiming a piece of her territory, many humans can easily become frustrated with the language barrier. It's quite simple though, really; us felines are individuals just as much as you. We all have our own personalities and our own basic needs to feel safe, loved, and as though we are independent enough to have a place that is our own.

One of the biggest, most common, failures (on the human's part) is a lack of designated feline property. Cats, by nature, love to stalk, climb, and observe. Offering your feline friends a world that is 'climb' friendly through empty bookcase tops, shelves, or even designated cat steps can offer them a retreat that is more natural in habitat. Unfortunately, one of the biggest gripes, against this need, is decor. There are some pet owners (or the spouses of pet owners) who feel that pet furniture is tacky (let's hope they never have kids!) I have to agree, to an extent there is a wide selection of poorly designed cat furniture that can quickly clutter and transform a room into a 'Crazy Cat Lady's Den'. Proper cat furniture should be functional, space saving, dual purposed, and design friendly. Thanks to the folks at Pet Fusion, shopping for such items is about the get a whole lot easier! The newly launched pet collection will introduce several key elements to make you and your pet's life easier on the eye, and much more streamlined. We were recently sent their launch product, the Pet Fusion Cat Lounge, and I simply can't wait to try it out!

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