Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wild Wednesdays: Send In Those Pet Pics!

Today we have to feisty felines to feature on Wild Wednesdays, Rojo and Lilith. Above, Lilith, has considered making a blog of her own, but ultimately decided to take a nap instead.

This here is Rojo (11 years old), we're going to assume named after the translation to 'Red'. His human adopted Rojo's brother, Simon, moved 350 miles away, then received a call to "foster" Rojo for 3 months while his foster Mom was on a research trip. Now, 9 years later, Rojo is still sticking around!

Don't see your pet? We have several pet pics still on file, don't worry- your wascally wabbit, or ferocious feline will appear. Haven't sent in a pet pic yet? What are you waiting for? Send any image format to with a brief caption, description, or blurb!

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