Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mr.Chewy Pet Supply Delivery: Great For Busy Pet Parents

Not all pets are spoiled; odd are, if you are sitting here, reading a pet blog, you are likely one of the owners that (like me) treat your pets like children. You brag about their accomplishments, scold them for misbehavior, and shower them with gifts and treats to make them feel special. I've found that people who fall in the extremes of this end of the spectrum tend to judge other pet owners, I've even caught myself doing it. Much like with our human children it's easy to assume an animal is being neglected based on minute instances or a misunderstood glimpse into their lives. The simple truth is, not all pet owners have time to sit at home and potty train during the week; or the money to buy fortified Science Diet kibble. But that doesn't mean they aren't vigalent around the clock, while home (maybe they hire a pet walker), or paying attention to nutrition labels.
While they are out there, I am not one of those who feels that people should be denied the joy and love of a pet due to schedule or financial circumstances. Of course I still advocate common sense; such as choosing the right breed and age animal for your lifestyle, or making educated budget decisions when shopping for your pet- but you won't find me looking down on someone for buying store brand treats or WalMart toys. After all, safety and health are the most important factors when it comes to raising a pet- they don't know the meaning of 'labels'. That being said, it doesn't mean that some pet owners don't need a little extra help. With the hectic lifestyles we live today, balancing family and work, it's not hard to forget to stock up on essentials. I reach into my fridge every day, so I am consciously thinking about our stock and food reserve- however, we keep the majority of our pet food in containers separate from their 20lb bags(for serving); I've completely forgotten just how low we were until I went to refill and found no food!
Does that make me a bad pet parent, no- it just makes me human! Since then, however, I've been searching for ways to get some of our day-to-day pet supplies ordered online. At first, my primarily thought was "Won't it cost a small fortune to have cat litter and bulk food shipped?" That's how I discovered, which stocks over 120 top brands and products with free shipping (on orders $49+) all year round. They're also ran by honest pet lovers, who understand the need for urgency in processing and shipping, as well as your desire to stretch your pet budget. Many orders begin processing within the hour, and generate a shipping notice in as few as 12-24 hours. And, if $49 seems like a heavy price point to meet, just consider stocking up on the essentials, to eliminate time spent shopping down the line. You'll love the piece of mind of having all your pet products on hand, when you need them most.
Thanks to you can even re-order your previous supplies, or favorite products with a few simple clicks of the button. Easy to use functions like Quick Re-Order or Delivery Schedules can even ensure that the supplies you need (think flea medication) show up on your doorstep regularly, with automatic renewal, at no additional cost. And, every additional friend you refer to shop with Chewy helps the Best Friends Animal Society with a $10 donation from Mr. Chewy. The site is extremely well organized and easy to browse, with competitive pricing. I was quick to note, while shopping, that many top name brands are sold alongside everyday staples. You'll also find some of the harder to locate brands, like Feline Pine, Canidae, and Taste of The Wild. Mr.Chewy is a great resource for natural pet food and the highest quality pet health products.
I was tickled with how fast the processing and shipping was, with complete access to my order and it's progress the entire way! Of course I had a 9lb bag of premium cat littler in my order, so the actual shipment was well over 10lbs; something I would have never been able to afford to buy through massive online retailers like Amazon or even Petco. And, for just $50 we received a wonderful variety of high quality products; I meticulously price matched with other options. The lowest comparison I could get was still $5.60 more, not including the website's requested shipping fees! I had ordered something for everyone, glad to see Truffles favorite treat, Greenies were stocked with great variety; and her Science Diet Ideal Balance listed for a fair price.

Of course we had just adopted Nora at the time, so puppy Pee Pads were enough, and Chewy happily provided a section for potty training; complete with potty pads and waste bags. I also discovered her new favorite treat Bil Jack Peanut Butter Nanas, which have a great texture for teething gums, and breath refreshing capacity. They actually smell good enough to tempt me- and are free of that processed, 'raw' odor that some jerky type treats possess. Of course, I did spoil her with some of the classics as well. had Flossies chew spirals at a great price, and a variety of Beggin Strips by Purina. Needless to say, this tiny dog will be working through these goodies for weeks.
In all, I was very pleased with our experience and look forward to refilling our pet food and litter needs, for a hassle free holiday season. Just because you're a busy pet owner doesn't mean you don't care, and can't still provide your pet the very best in care and treats. Stop on by Mr.Chewy today and see just how easy it can be shopping for your furry kids, online. Use code WOOD699 to save 10% off your first purchase, and Mr.Chewy will make a $10 donation to the Best Friends Animal Society on your behalf!

As Required By The FTC: I was provided a shopping budget to experience firsthand. Regardless, my opinion was not altered or swayed in any way. All thoughts contained there in are mine and mine alone.


  1. As I don't have a dog right now, all I can say is your dog seems to enjoy the product and I would definitely check Mr. Chewy out for my brother's dogs for Christmas

  2. How cute. Everyone seems to be loving their treats!

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