Monday, October 1, 2012

Dreamfarm: Membo Daily Task Monitor Review and Giveaway~ 10/16

As much as pets are part of our family, and just like children, it's easy to understand how we can overlook their needs from time to time. After all (most of the time) they don't complain, and with multiple caregivers it's hard to keep track of who's done what. You always see the gag about the goldfish going belly up because it wasn't fed, or because it was fed too many times; thankfully cats and dogs are a little less delicate. Even so, nobody wants to feel like they've forgotten a family member; there's no reason to ever forget a feeding. Not only do veterinarians advocate a regular feeding schedule (as opposed to the 'grazing' method of all day food accessibility), but studies show that pets can benefit socially and behaviorally from a set feeding schedule. This is especially important when potty training a new pup, which can use all the help it can get with patterns and structure!
I recently discovered a company with no specific industry niche, other than it's passionate drive for new product innovation. Dreamfarm literally takes the 'what ifs' of product brainstorming, and breathes new concepts to life in the form of quirky and colorful lifestyle aids. From their Chopula cutting spatula to their Tapi squeeze drink fountain, these are simplistic little products that have a big impact on your daily life. Dreamfarm's mission is to innovate useful products that function as intended, and present value to the consumer long after initial use. While many of these products are at home in the kitchen, there is one that will surely find it's place as an everyday pet raising tool; the Membo. Think of the Membo as a chore chart for your pet's most basic needs; food, medication, exercise.
Sold in a variety of vibrant modern colors the Membo also features multiple animal themes (cat, dog, fish) within each starter pack. This slender 11" flip frame (sold in 9 hues) houses 7 double sided cartoon icons in clear acrylic  panels. With the option for magnetic use (on a fridge or filing cabinet), or wall mount via the included sticky squares, the Membo is lightweight and easy to instal. Simply tear the scored cue cards for the desired animal and use the included push tab (bearing the brand logo) to pop the initial icon cards out. Slide the new cards in from the bottom and you're ready to go, in theory. This is where I ran into a little trouble. It seemed the cards were not wide enough, or thick enough to stay in place on their own. When I would flip one tab, it would fall out through the loading slat. This is easily solved with a little sliver of tape at the base of each tab, but a bit disappointing, since the initial cards were firmly inserted in the panels.
Each tab features one image to convey that food, or the task of your choice, is yet to be administered; the flip-side an adorable illustration to indicate the animal has been tended to. This is great in our house, where we both alternate feeding the pets as our schedules allow. Of course, remembering to flip the panel will take some time to train the humans, but is easiest when the Membo is located close the the activity or event. Try mounting the Membo near your pets bowls for feeding, or by the bathroom vanity for medication reminders. Outside of the little slipping snafu, the mechanics of this device move quite smoothly. I'd even dare say it's fun to flip the little charm, and I feel proud to know I am taking an extra step to ensure our pets needs are not being forgotten.
I'd like to see an expanded Membo, perhaps a grid to track multiple feedings or tasks for a single pet, or to track a multi-pet household. I think it would also be nice to have the option to print various themes of icons for seasonal decoration or user participation. Of course I can tinker around at home and do this, but it would be great if Dreamfarm offered a template to design and print panels at home. I also think folding paper and sliding the panels in might fix the loose issue I initially experienced. In any case, the Membo has proven a fun and valuable feature on our fridge. I am sure to flip the panel every day, and the 'kids' thank us when they get fed on time!

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