Friday, October 26, 2012

Neater Feeder: Contained Pet Feeding System Giveaway and Review~ 11/6

Every pet parents knows that our four legged kids, just like human kids, can be quite messy. No example holds truer the sight of our floor, after feeding time. You'd think we had a herd of pigs, scrambling to the trough, fighting for the last pieces of kibble; not 2 domesticated cats and a 4lb dog! And, in a household with primarily indoor pets, this particular mess stands out above muddy paws and kitty litter, as it's one that resurfaces twice a day, day after day. It seems like we've tried everything, from the advertised 'no tip' stainless steel bowls to the bulky feeder systems that only collect additional debris and dust. Let's face it, if it sits on the floor, it's going to get just as dirty as those infamous kickboards I so hate scrubbing. Then there's the constant rolling kibble, magically migrating across the kitchen and into the living room. And of course the messy dribbles and drips from the water bowl only congeal this debris into a mud like muck around the bowls and on the floor.
You wouldn't let your toddler eat without a tray and placemat, so why wouldn't your pets need an organized system for feeding? Neater Feeder recognizes the varied needs of different breeds and ages, offering a thoughtful solution to the age old predicament of messy eaters. Not only does their 2 part feeding system offer the convenience of an easy wash 'catch all' lower layer, but the benefit of elevation that grows with your pet and it's needs. The Neater Feeder is an all in one liquid and solid, 2 bowl, feeder system that can easily accommodate multi-pet homes, anxious puppies, and aging canines. And their 4 size selection ensures you receive the proper height and portioning for your pet; even for cats!
I received a Small Neater Feeder system in Red for Ms. Nora, who is a notorious 'picker', and loves to set her food down next to the bowl, in order to chew each piece individually. Not only do I contend with kibble rolling along my kitchen floor, but she is an enthusiastic drinker as well- water sprays everywhere, and even drips off of her fur! The Neater Feeder came with several parts, but is entirely functional out of the box- optional feed extenders and included grips help customize the height and stability to your needs. The feeding height for the Small unit is designated 3", though it seems a little higher, next to Nora. We certainly didn't have to lift our Neater Feeder with the extensions, the depth of the bowls themselves actually had Nora leaning in and over to eat. This is partly due to the fact there there is a well thought out draining grate between the dog and the bowls, to catch loose food and water droplets.
At first Nora was a bit intimidated by this elaborate feeding system. She felt that the food wasn't designated for her, unless it was directly in front of her, and like a good little puppy would star up at me for permission. From there it took a little getting used to as she tried to adapt her normal eating habits to the space between her and her bowl. From time to time she'd pull back, with a mouth full of food, and her fur, or collar, would catch the stainless steel bowl and clank. She'd jump back a few inches, as though the bowl had attacked her, and wait for permission to eat again. This is something I haven't been able to stop, but also something she has gotten used to. The design has also curbed her habit to kick or drop food outside the bowl, and nibble. She is doing much better with eating directly from the bowl, and taking breaks between to digest.
Included with the Neater Feeder are 2 standard Stainless Steel bowls, 2 cups/1 pint in the case of the Small set. The plastic feeder is designed with intuitive notches for easy removal, and snaps in place for reassembly. Cleaning could not be simpler, with this dishwasher safe system made from recyclable polypropylene plastic, suitable for smooth hand washing or machine handling. The bottom 'catch' tray will hold quite a bit of splashed water, though I like to clean it out whenever I rinse the bowls for deposits. On the floor, I think the biggest improvement with the Neater Feeder has been the avoidance of human caused messes. I cannot recall the number of times I have caught myself swearing, post an accidental kick, only to look down and find all of the splashed water sill in the feeder!
In all, the Neater Feeder isn't the most cutting edge, or attractive, feeding system, but it certainly has cornered the industry in innovation and function. I am consistently impressed with the stability of this system, and the ease of maintenance. The high walls help keep debris in, and raise our pup's confidence, keeping unwanted kitties out during meal time. The grated catch bin is perfect for dribbling water, and accidental jolts or bumps, while the portioned bowls ensure you are feeding your pet appropriate servings. Best of all, if you are unsure of the benefits for your home, or how your pet might take to it, the Neater Feeder includes a 30 day money back guarantee. 

One Time Out For Truffles follower will win a Neater Feeder for their breed/size.

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  1. I would need the small size if I win.

  2. I would need the cat-sized neater feeder! For my kitties of course :)

  3. I'd need the Medium

  4. I would need the large feeder and I love the bronze color.

  5. I would take a medium one!

  6. Cat Neater Feeder with Leg Extensions for cats with a 6"+ shoulder height.

  7. Medium size would work for us.
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  8. I would need the Large Neater Feeder :)

  9. I think I would need a medium.

  10. I would like the large size!

    1. Me too! I want to buy that food feeder, because I'm planning to purchase a food feeder and best pet water fountain for my pet so that he can eat and drink well.

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