Friday, March 30, 2012

Watch Cat: What's To Come

I spend most of my days patrolling our windows, which have been officially designated as 'mine'; that Frankie isn't allowed near! Usually I just enjoy sunbathing, but in the late afternoon, when all the children get home from school, I prefer to keep an eye on the perimeter. If I see someone walking towards the house, and they disappear from sight, I run to the door, to see who it is! Jenna knows I can't stand sharing my sill, and all sorts of things have been popping up on them lately! In fact, it's even become sort of a game of ours. As soon as I hear one of those Beanie Babies hit the sill, I come running at full speed to knock it off. At least I keep my space clean!

We've got our first review and giveaway coming this weekend, from Pet Depot- but keep your eyes peeled for great companies such as KyJen, PETching, Tropical Traditions, and ManiPeti, as well! And don't forget to stop in next Wednesday to see all those adorable pet pics you've been sending in!


  1. That sure is a Pretty Cat. Thank you. Jerri Davis

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