Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Post About Names

I'm often fascinated at how my colleagues came across their names. In a society where many humans now bear laughable namesakes such as Apple, Bluebell, Sunday, and even Calico (Alice and Sheryl Cooper), it's easy to see little sense in holding back when naming pets. In fact, it was precisely this absurdity that landed me with my own moniker.

Devoted Office fan, and down time cartoon buff, Jenna, had long found it hilarious the way Office's high strung Angela character would dote upon her cats of overly dramatized names. In one such episode Angela's secret office boyfriend runs home to feed her ailing cat Sprinkles, only to discover the poor feline has met it's demise. Comic hilarity, or so my human counterpart thinks, ensues as poor Sprinkles is placed in the freezer with no decorum. Ironically enough, this was the scene that came to mind when Jenna was breaking me from the pen at the chicken ranch. She wanted an over the top pet name that would give nod to Angela's Office cat obsession, while still remaining uniquely my own. (For which I am thankful, as I am not named after freezer cat).

The secondary spark of inspiration came while watching an episode of her favorite cartoon that night. Chowder, Cartoon Network, is an off the wall episodic feature about a purple cat (named Chowder) who aspires to one day be a chef. In said show there is a grumpy old Mushroom Sprite names Truffles; which apparently, reminded my owner of me! So, while I am not named after truffles, the chocolate I am in a sense named after the mushrooms, thanks to the influence of modern media. Luckily for me, I'm just cute enough to pull it off! Tell us, how did your furry friend get their name?


  1. Truffles is a great name,i named my baby SweetPea because that is the first thing that came to mind when i saw her!

  2. My dog Zoe met the little black cat first, but VERY eagerly insisted I come and meet her. It was dark out, and at first I couldn't see anything in the parking lot where Zoe had brought me, but then a small black cat walked out from under a car where she'd been hiding. She clearly trusted Zoe's judgment, and deigned to meet ME. After talking to her for a few moments, I picked her up and noticed she had no front claws. I assumed then, that she had also been spayed, and I knew she already had a home, so I finished admiring her and went back into my apartment. For two weeks the black cat lived under my front porch. I never saw her, but I heard her cries every time I crossed the threshold. I finally decided, after two weeks, that she must have been abandoned, and I brought her inside. Because I had heard only her voice for those weeks, I called her Echo. I would just about swear she told me her name herself!

    Echo is seventeen years old now, and is the best friend a girl could ask for! :)

  3. My friend's teenage daughter named my dog Dexter after the character in the cartoon Dexter's Laboratory and it stuck!

  4. My cat Rojo was named prior to coming to hang out with me, and yes, his name translates to "Red". After I finally figured out that he wasn't leaving to return to his foster Mom, he was responding very well to his name so I didn't change it. Rojo, by the way,is from Miami, FL. I'm sure that his Spanish is better than mine!

    Rojo is just one of my boys...

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