Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beanies For Baby

You may not know it but I don't consider myself your usual cat. In fact, I'm hardly a cat at all. You see, when I was just about 4 months Jenna discovered my affinity for packing peanuts. She'd get boxes and boxes in each day, some 10x my size, filled with eco (corn starch) peanuts. Because they were biodegradable, and entirely dissoluble, she didn't mind if I rolled around in them for hours.....that was until it was time to clean up! Well, one day she came home with a curious little toy most humand would never dream of letting their children play with; Cat Springs. Almost medieval, these brightly colored springs are exactly as they sound, wide coiled spring toys for cats (will feature those another time). These springs are extremely lightweight, and often cling to a cat's tiny paw pads, bouncing high, and moving far with little effort. I was hooked. Jenna bought over 50 of those springs, and I'm always sure to share them with my friends!

One day I decided I was tired of playing with myself. I pranced right into my human's bedroom and plopped a spring at her feet. She didn't notice at first, so I fetched a few more, until she got the picture. Finally she realized I wanted to play, and after a few days I was running to the sound of that silly spring- play time! When we moved into our new home there was a lot more space to run around, and I went a little crazy. As it turns out, Jenna collected Beanie Babies as a child, and had boxes to sort through. There is just something about that beanbag sound that makes me come running! At first I thought it was fun because she would get so upset! But there was just something about waking up with a pile of chameleons on her feet that won her over. (Aren't I such a good cat?)

Today we don't let a day go by without a session of fetch with Beanie Babies. Sure, they're mostly 1/3 my size, and I only weigh 6lbs myself, but I love retrieving them from shelves, and even carrying them onto the bed. Those humans can't go to sleep at night without scouring the sheets for my toys! Of course I have my favorites; Izzy, Pinky, Chocolate, and Seaweed- but Jenna just loves anything with a tail (they get great leverage). Yea, I might not be your typical, ordinary, everyday cat- but hey, who wants to be ordinary?

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  1. Hi. I love your blog. I'm also very fond of tuxedo kitties. My soulmate cat of years ago was a tuxedo boy. Nice to meet you! Hugzzzzzzzzzzz!!! RAY, CHASE & TIPPER =- @DaneRay (on TWITTER) -- zqx@juno.com